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The Phoenix Science Award

The Turku Finnish University Society has established a new science award for a scholar or a research group from Turku.

The Phoenix Science Award is €50,000 and it is open for nominations from all fields of science.

The award is given as an acknowledgement for notable scientific work. The purpose of the award is to highlight the significance of academic work and encourage new creative research in the Turku Region.

An individual person or a society had a chance to nominate a scholar or a research group. The Board of the University Society and selected experts will decide the winner of the award based on the nominations.

The first Phoenix science award of the Turku Finnish University Society was granted 2017 in the University Society's centenary celebration to Academy Professor Virpi Lummaa for her significant and creative interdisciplinary research on evolution.

Turku Finnish University Society Science Award of €50,000 to Academy Professor Virpi Lummaa